How Dare George Santos Threaten Us With A Good Time!

Compulsive liar and chronic drama queen George Santos just threatened to make every one happy:

Finally, according to the report, Santos threatened to quit.

“Rep. George Santos, who has resisted calls to resign for lying about his background and credentials, said he would resign from congress if Rs and Ds work together to elect a House Speaker,” Paybarah wrote.

The report was also confirmed by Talking Points Memo publisher Josh Marshall.

Santos “just threatened that he’ll resign from Congress if there’s a deal to elect a Speaker with the Dems,” according to Marshall’s account.

Oh noes! Anything but that!

Democrats want him out. Republicans want him out. His own constituents want him out.

I can’t imagine a bigger incentive for both sides to work together.

The only downside to the whole deal is if Santos is lying again.

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