I Asked the Team—These Are the Hair Colour Trends They're Definitely Not Trying

As a beauty editor, it’s my job to keep you updated on all of the latest hair trends. From the sleekest haircuts to the most sought-after styles, I’m always speaking to experts and filling you in on what to go for. I know I’ve spoken a lot about the biggest hair colours of 2024, but recently, people have been asking me which hair colours I will be avoiding this year instead. In my opinion, hair is totally subjective, and you should choose whatever colour, haircut and style works for you and that you love. That being said, after speaking to the team, it seems that there are a few colours that they’ve also decided aren’t for them in 2024, which I found interesting. I thought you might, too, which is why we’re here. 

From everyone’s suggestions, it appears that we all want to opt for low-maintenance, easy-to-wear hair colours this year, and who can blame us? I personally love a more natural finish, as it means that I can go a little bit longer between hair appointments. If you’re also someone that likes a more subtle look, then I highly recommend that you keep on scrolling to see which shades the team members I asked won’t be asking for this year, caveated by ones they’re into. 

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