I Have Classic Style—7 Spring Items That Are Anti-Trend But Suddenly Feel "New"

It’s easy to find the fashion trend cycle overwhelming, mainly because it is! Nowadays, trends are born out of more places than just the runway (though I would say this still holds monopoly over the trend landscape). Between having more access to news and celebrity looks than ever, by way of the internet and, of course, social media, it feels as if five new trends emerge every single day. This makes being a modern-day fashion editor more difficult, as you have inordinate amounts of information to sift through to get to the core of what’s actually in fashion right now. I, however, accept the challenge. 

On the cusp of a new season, I thought it was high time I took a closer look at the new trends I’m seeing come through for spring. As someone whose wardrobe contents is actually pretty classic, trend hunting gives me the chance to love frivolously through the more directional fashion choices of others and to present you with trends I truly believe will be of interest and have merit for the season ahead. My personal goal, however, is to pluck items with longevity—pieces that will last in your own wardrobes well beyond a season. This can be easier said than done but, for 2024, I have to say the trend line-up is looking distinctly, well, anti-trend. Ironic, I know. 

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