I Just Tried on Every Pair of 2024's Best-Selling Jeans—Here's What I Loved

After weeks, maybe even months, of avoiding wearing any form of jeans, I’m ready to embrace them once again. The truth is, I haven’t liked the way my current denim collection looks, or how it feels to wear compared to my comfy slouchy trousers. After a much-needed wardrobe clear-out, I’ve now got rid of all the pairs I dislike (yes, especially the ones that no longer fit) and I now have space for a few new key styles that I can add to my repertoire for 2024. 

As we all know, jeans shopping can be a stress-inducing process. To minimise the potential trauma, I decided to try-on some of the best-selling pairs fellow fashion editors and influencers seem to rate highly. Because like a holiday destination or brunch location, a trusted recommendation is always welcomed. Whether it’s COS’ Arch jeans, Reformation’s straight leg styles or Raey’s new oversized collection, here’s my honest reviews of some of the key jean styles. For reference, I’m a size 10 (a 28 or 29 waist) and 5’4″. 

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