I Walked 5+ Miles All Over NYC in These Heeled Sandals—5 Pain-Free Winners

My closet isn’t just full, it’s absolutely overflowing. In addition to everything hanging on racks, I have an entire shelving unit dedicated to my shoes and that’s not even counting the 15 or so excess shoe boxes that are currently being used as a bedside table. Yet out of all that, only about a handful of the shoes in my collection are actually comfortable, which doesn’t bode well for someone who lives in New York City, where walking is the primary form of transportation. 

With summer in full swing, I’m walking more than ever, so I decided that it’s finally time to invest in some footwear that won’t leave my feet beat up and blistered for yet another summer. Sand might be a natural pedicure, but even the whitest of beaches can’t fix my toes after a summer of days spent stomping on concrete in four-inch heeled flip-flops. In order to find out which shoes—specifically heeled sandals—successfully combine style with comfort, I took a few buzzy pairs out for a true NYC test: 10,000 steps (or roughly 5 miles). 

See which heeled sandals I’d dare to wear again after running around the city in them. 

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