If You Hate Foundation, These Natural-Looking Alternatives Will Win You Over

I don’t like foundation. Never have, never will. As a beauty editor, it’s safe to say my gripes with foundation cause me some issues. Because while I hate the way it makes my skin feel greasy and appear two-dimensional, a huge number of people wear it every single day. And the most confusing part of it all is, I love the way certain formulas look on other people—I just can’t stand them on me. If I could have it my way, I’d never wear foundation ever again. However, in the name of research and being a good beauty editor, I’ve tried virtually every foundation and base product out there.

And while I know my disdain for foundation is particularly extreme, I also know that there are a lot of people out there who share some of my views. The truth is foundation simply doesn’t look like natural skin, and I don’t think it ever can. I feel confident enough to say this because, as someone who has tried all of the best and most luxurious foundations on the market, I have never found a formula that isn’t visible on the skin (or the screen of my phone after I’ve taken a call). And it is this basic issue that has natural-looking-makeup lovers distancing themselves from foundation.

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