If You Have Almond-Shaped Eyes, Here Are 6 Expert-Approved Eyeliner Tips

When it comes to makeup application, I’m all for throwing out the rulebook and experimenting with products and techniques in a way that feels right for you. However, as someone with hooded eyes there has always been one makeup technique in particular that I’ve struggled with—eyeliner. And when a friend of mine with almond-shaped eyes said that she was also unsure about how to best apply eyeliner to show off her eye shape, I thought it was worth investigating. 

Admittedly, though, I am no makeup pro. So I called upon two of the biggest names in the beauty business for some genuine expertise on the matter. Ahead, renowned makeup artists Lisa Eldridge, and Ruby Hammer MBE share the lowdown on the best way to apply eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes.

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