I'm a L.A.-Based Injector and Self-Proclaimed Product Hoarder—19 Staples I Love

The first thing I noticed (and immediately appreciated) about master injector and skin specialist Anush Movsesian was her blunt honesty. She cuts to the quick, has an amazing understanding of facial aesthetics and anatomy, and will never *ever* inject or recommend a treatment if she doesn’t think a client truly needs it. (In an industry where injectables are often overzealously pushed just to make an extra dollar, this is extremely refreshing.)

“My patients come to me and become loyal, returning customers because I will never inject or provide a service just to make the money,” Movsesian confirms. “If I feel a patient does not need what they initially came to see me for, I have no problem telling them no altogether or recommending another treatment that I think would better enhance their anatomy.”

As someone who has seen Movsesian twice now—once for Botox and once for lip filler—I can say she’s truly one of the best practioners I’ve met, and in addition to being a self-proclaimed “perfectionist” when it comes to results (she went above and beyond during my filler appointment, recommending we dissolve some previous filler so I’d have better, more symmetrical results), she’s also a self-proclaimed product junkie, especially when it comes to skincare. 

“It’s called a skincare routine for a reason—you have to remain consistent in order to see the results you want and keep your skin healthy,” Movsesian tells me. “I have always prioritized this as time for myself in the morning and evening, and I genuinely look forward to it. We can always find a million excuses to skip something, but being regimented and choosing to enjoy the process is key. Being a little selfish and putting time aside for yourself is necessary and important!”

Below, Movsesian is sharing her curated lineup of beauty products she can’t live without, including the skincare staples she loves and is always recommending to her clients. Keep scrolling!

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