Indie Sleaze Is *Still* Going Strong—10 Foundational Makeup Products You'll Need

If there’s one thing the past few years has brought to our attention, it’s that maximalism is making a major comeback—especially when it comes to makeup. And, one of its most popular expressions comes in the form of indie sleaze, a revival of the early 2010s. Marked by smoky dark eye shadow and glitter, it’s a bold and gritty aesthetic that’s unpolished but still looks incredibly good despite not being as “put together.” As we shy away from the norm and go more against the grain, us (and the experts) think that this trend is here to stay.

“It’s about the person who lives to live and focuses on where they’re going and not so much on how perfect they’re looking,” says Jo Baker, celebrity makeup artist. “Smudged, sooty, slightly messy but still cleanish. This person does not care about their brows being perfectly arched—their skin is simple clean and semi-matte, with little to no blush present and the focus is all on the eyes.”

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