'Isn’t It Past Your Jail Time?': Kimmel Skewers Trump At The Oscars

This one’s gonna’ leave a mark. Jimmy Kimmel responded to Trump’s petty remarks on Truth Social attacking his Oscar hosting performance.

Here’s Kimmel at the close of the show:

KIMMEL: This show is not about me, and I appreciate you having me. It’s really about you, and Emma, and all these great actors and actresses and filmmakers, but I was told we had like an extra minute, and I’m really proud of something, and I was wondering if I could share it with you. I just got a review and ummm…

“Has there ever been a worse host than Jimmy Kimmel at The Oscars. His opening was that of a less than average person trying too hard to be something which he is not, and never can be. Get rid of Kimmel and perhaps replace him with another washed up, but cheap, ABC ‘talent,’ George Slopanopoulos. He would make everybody on stage look bigger, stronger, and more glamorous. Blah. Blah. Blah. Make America Great Again.”

See if you can guess which former president just posted that on Truth Social. Anyone? No? Well thank you President Trump. Thank you for watching. I’m surprised you’re still up. Isn’t it past your jail time?

And he was literally reading from Trump’s post. Here’s a screenshot.


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