It's Official: These 5 Trainer Trends Are Set to Replace White Sambas in 2024

Let’s face it, the past 12 months have given us a lot to talk about in the way of shoe trends (and if last year year wasn’t the year that you bought a pair of ballet pumps, mid-heel boots, Margiela Tabis, moto boots, or kitten-heel slingbacks, what exactly were you wearing?). But if there’s one shoe that we can guarantee will never go out of style, it’s the humble trainer, and although I’m a card-carrying shoe girl, trainers haven’t always been my go-to.

Forgive me, reader, as I must confess to being easily trend-led and distracted by the new and shiny styles that pop up on the runway, but this year was the year that I decided to make the sensible decision to invest in comfort as much as aesthetic, and trainers were the starting point. The pairs that I do own, I’ve been wearing for years; a testament to their enduring versatility, so for those on the hunt for a new shoe style to get behind, this one won’t require regular trips to the cobbler.

Knowing just how important trainer trends are to sneakerheads, I set about finding out which pairs would come through as the most popular for 2024 in the only way I knew how: scouring the runways, searching street style images and asking my esteemed colleagues for their predictions on the biggest trainer trends for 2024. The results may surprise you.

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