It's True: This Trending Trouser Colour Makes Every Outfit Look Expensive

For its rich and decadent looking qualities, it’s no surprise that the brown dress trend has become one of the most prevalent of the season. Styling so well with soft beiges and vivid golds, we seen celebrities, influencers, editors and stylists embrace the warm shade on the regular as of late. Now, having styled dresses throughout the season, fashion people are channeling the colour in another form, and it looks like brown trousers are becoming the new black.

In longline and often wide-leg cuts, stylish people I follow can’t stop wearing this new-season trend. Retaining the same versatility as any other neutral shade, the brown trouser trend contributes an elegant foundation to an outfit that can be styled easily with the greys, beiges and blacks that typically dominate our wardrobes.

brown trousers

Reaching for brown trousers over black or navy will naturally bring an earthy and grounding element to a look. Layer your outfit up with similarly natural tones such as olive green or sky blue to create a cohesive outfit that feels fresh, vibrant and spring-ready.

brown trouser trend

Already a firm favourite amongst the style set, we’ve already spotted Alexa Chung donning a pair. Wearing hers with light layers featuring tones of rust and beige, Chung’s brown trouser adds dimension to her outfit without overwhelming out look.

brown trouser trend

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To shop the staple fashion people backing for spring, read on to discover our edit of the best brown trousers available to buy right now.


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