I've Done the Research: These Are the 6 Best Sneakers to Wear With Skirts

I cannot overstate how happy it makes me that sneakers have become not only an acceptable footwear option for almost every scenario but also a bonafide fashion staple. Comfortable, versatile, and available in a range of silhouettes and colors, trainers are the shoes you can confidently sign up to wear all day long with no fear of aching feet or blisters. But once summer comes around, heels low and high seem to slyly work their way onto the scene. When I reach for skirts or dresses, I begrudgingly find myself reaching for a heeled sandal out of the belief that they’re the only style that will match. No more!

Don’t get me wrong—heels will always have their place, and I will always love the boost of confidence that the little lift provides. But some days, practicality has to win, and why should it mean sacrificing on the fashion front? Extensive Instagram scrolling has confirmed my belief that trainers can in fact look great with skirts—you just have to find the right pairing.

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