I've Done the Research—These Trending Prints Will Be Everywhere in 2024

Bold prints aren’t for everyone, but even the most minimalist dressers will find something to love from 2024’s predicted pattern trends. There’s no denying that print adds an extra dimension to a piece; whether it’s a heritage check or a painterly floral motif, this is often what makes an item of clothing stand out.

The spring/summer 2024 catwalks celebrated pattern in all its forms, but a few in particular made frequent appearances. As with all trends, you can experiment with this season’s picks as you wish: assemble a top-to-toe printed look, incorporate them subtly through accessories or invest in one piece which you can pull out when you want to rock the trend. Of course, print-averse people may decide to completely ignore them—nonetheless, it’s always interesting to find out what’s “in”, right?

And for the coming year, you can expect everything from impactful blooms that demand attention to the revival of classic designs loved in times gone by. Without further ado, scroll on to see 2024’s biggest print trends.

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