I've Tried Tons of Primers—Nothing Made Me Gasp "OMG" Like This Viral One

Let’s talk about my first impression. Right when the product hit my skin, I had an intense feeling in my gut—TikTok was certainly on to something. The roller was a tiny bit messy, but the applicator glided easily on my skin. The cooling sensation combined with the sculpting roller was soothing and relaxing for my skin. I can’t say it’ll “sculpt” like a gua sha would, but it certainly was a nice feeling to start my routine with. I know what you’re thinking: I should see how my makeup looks before giving the product a stamp of approval, but my gut feeling was right after all. The aftereffect proved to be even more than what I was looking for.

I struggle with eczema, but with this primer, my tinted moisturizer and concealer applied smoothly to my skin instead of clinging to any dry patches. The primer added a subtle “from within” glow, so much so that I didn’t even need to apply a highlighter. It looked like I had already applied some. Even several hours later when I removed my makeup, my skin still felt soft and supple. 

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