Joey Fatone Reveals He’s Not the Only Superstar in His High School Yearbook

Joey Fatone.
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Joey Fatone wasn’t the only one to secure superstar status from his high school.

“I went to high school with Luis Fonsi, DJ Khaled and A.J. Pierzynski in Orlando,” Fatone, 47, exclusively tells Us Weekly’s 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me. “Wayne Brady and Johnny Damon also went to my school.”

Before becoming a member of ‘Nsync, Fatone attended Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando. The singer and his family relocated from New York City to Florida when he was 13 years old. Despite moving to a new state as a teen, Fatone was able to make friends.

He grew close to Fonsi, 45, who also moved to Orlando from Puerto Rico as a kid. Fonsi and Fatone were members of their school’s a cappella group called “The Big Guys.” The musical duo bonded over their love of music and their desire to perform. Fonsi and Fatone even attempted to do a show of their own at one point.

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“Luis Fonsi and I did a TV show where we dressed up in dinosaur costumes, like Barney,” he tells Us. “It was called The Reppies.”

Scroll down to learn 25 things fans might not know about Fatone:

1. I love Disney World and Universal Studios. I go 20 times a year.

2. I know where all the Hidden Mickeys at Disney World are.

3. I once made a diamond painting.

4. I love magic and have always wanted to be a magician, but I never took the time to learn a lot of the tricks.

5. I love the Muppets! I own puppets for Fozzie Bear, Kermit the Frog and Animal that [all] look identical to the show.

6. I don’t drink coffee and never have.

7. I collect shot glasses.

8. Luis Fonsi and I did a TV show where we dressed up in dinosaur costumes, like Barney. It was called The Reppies.

9. My legs are tattooed with the different projects I have done, like a résumé.

10. My brother, Steven, is a video director for A-list artists and tours the world.

11. My sister, Janine, was [in the] top 10 of a 1998 national karaoke contest.

12. I went to high school with Luis Fonsi, DJ Khaled and A.J. Pierzynski in Orlando. Wayne Brady and Johnny Damon also went to my school.

13. My dad, Joseph Sr., was in a doo-wop group in the ’60s.

14. My mom, Phyllis, hit me in public a few times [when] I didn’t sign autographs or take pictures with fans!

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15. My closest relationships are the ones [I had] before ‘NSync. I’m still best friends with some of my middle school boys from Brooklyn.

16. I own two sugar gliders.

17. I can shower and be ready in less than eight minutes, including brushing my teeth.

18. I have been friends with my manager, Joe Mulvihill, for over 30 years.

19. I would go see a Broadway show before a sporting event any day.

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20. I love cartoons and Star Wars.

21. I’ve been [going] to the Kentucky Derby for 22 years. It’s my favorite event.

22. I play in celebrity golf tournaments, but I only putt. My manager hits for me.

23. I love ridiculous T-shirts with fun sayings on them.

24. I have a lot of sneakers [featuring] character artwork.

25. I have the KITT car from Knight Rider.

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