Kari Lake Claims Jack Smith Is Playing Checkers While Trump Is Playing Chess

Whatever drugs Kari Lake is on they are indeed strong enough to knock out an elephant.

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Failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake insisted Donald Trump was outsmarting special counsel Jack Smith despite new charges being added to the Mar-a-Lago case and an indictment looming in the Jan. 6 case.

“Every single thing they’ve thrown at him, he’s turned it right back in their face, and he’s proven to be right,” Lake said. “They’re wrong, they’re just they’re just trying to bring him down, and you can’t bring down a giant like Donald J. Trump, and I’ll be honest. I think he would welcome that indictment, he would welcome a trial. I think you said it would be the trial of the century. I don’t think that when they thought of all of that, and maybe during those meetings with his attorney, the attorneys brought it up and said, do you really want this because it’s going to come right back in your face.”

“They’re playing checkers and President Trump is playing, you know, chess at the highest level, so I don’t think they want to pick a fight with him,” Lake said.

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