Kari Lake Was NOT Ready For This Brutal Interview

Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake took a truth-bomb beating from Piers Morgan. I’m not usually a fan of his, but this was pretty brutal. The British host and Lake discussed former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio’s 22-year sentence. Lake, of course, made the conspiratorial claim that the Capitol riot wasn’t an insurrection and was a staged riot “to cover up the fact that they were going to certify a fraudulent election” and “Americans are coming around” to the idea that the election was rigged. None of that is true.

Morgan wasn’t having it.

“People were killed that day, and they broke into the U.S. Capitol, the absolute epicenter of American democracy, and they did it to thwart democracy,” he said.

“You might believe the election was stolen, Donald Trump might believe the election was stolen, but actually most senior Republicans don’t think it was stolen, most Americans who go to the polls don’t think the election was stolen,” he continued.

“And actually the enemy of democracy is not, as you’re trying to paint it, the FBI […] the enemy are people who genuinely propagate the myth of the stolen election—like you,” he said.

Lake claimed that people were protesting “because that election was not fair, was not on the up and up.” She claimed that the police opened the doors to the Capitol.

Morgan asked if Trump won the election and “hundreds of thousands” of Democrats stormed the Capitol, would she feel the same way?

“If the November 3rd election would have been rigged and stolen the way it was against the Democrats, I would be appalled as an American,” Lake said, then falsely claimed that “evidence is coming out.”

Kari said Americans now believe the election was “wrought with fraud,” and Morgan called her out.

“No, they don’t!” he said. “That’s complete nonsense. Oh, Kari. As we would say across the pond, that is an absolute whopper.”

“What you want to do, like Donald Trump, you want to fuel the sense that every time you guys lose a fair election is unfair, and rigged, and stolen, and every time you win, it’s the purest example of efficient working democracy imaginable,” he added.

Go back to couch-surfing at Mar-a-Lago, Kari.

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