Katie Britt Confused Over Which President Supports Our Allies

To say Katie Britt was being overly dramatic in her State of the Union rebuttal for the GOP is a gross understatement.

The Senator from Alabama made many specious claims about President Biden’s term in office, but the moment when she claimed that POTUS is undermining and weakening our allies was laughable.

“We have become a nation in retreat,” Britt said. Meanwhile, Republicans are retreating from Ukraine into Putin’s hands.

“Putin’s brutal aggression in Europe has put our allies on the brink,” she said. That was about as harsh as a Republican can be to Trump’s hero.

Trump wants to destroy our NATO alliance and hand Ukraine over to Putin’s Russia, but sure, let’s talk about “a nation in retreat.” The reality doesn’t match the rhetoric, and anyone with half a brain knows it.

Britt’s sanctimonious tone dripped with self-indulgence and throughout it appeared she was about to cry at any moment. But honestly, the worst part was how they staged her rebuttal. Sitting in a kitchen with a giant cross around her neck, as though a female senator would always choose to first be in the kitchen. The only thing missing was her kids running through the shot.

I loved what Chasten Buttigieg said:

That said, this is also true:

Digby summed it up:

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