Kayleigh McEnany Attacks Accurate Portrayal Of Women In GOP

Former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany dismissed a massive article detailing the trials and tribulations of women in the GOP as a hate piece and not worth reading.

Reading this article may give some conservative and independent women a chance to pause and take a look at how they are treated, but that’s not allowed on Fox News or in MAGA.

Rebecca Traister wrote a comprehensive piece on how women have fared in the Republican party, which includes the MAGA cult.

The article contains numerous examples of female politicians and the hoops they jump through to stay relevant in the GOP. It contains thousands of words to offer Traister’s views on women and women’s rights, but McEnany is only focused on the concluding sentence to trash it.

McEnany: Look, if you’re a woman on the left, you’re a Democratic woman, I respect you.

You have different views than mine, but I’m not dripping with disdain for you.

The article points out how subservient women must be to survive in MAGA.

This woman goes so far as to say this, women fundamentally cannot lead a party that wants to oppress women.

They cannot, in fact, even be fully human within it.

So if you are pro-life, if you believe a woman is a woman, if you decide you support President Trump as millions of women in this country have decided, you cannot be fully human within your party.

I mean, don’t go read this, please. you will never get those 10 minutes of your life back.

What a horrible piece.

What woman is leading the Republican party?

The article takes longer than ten minutes to read, but that’s a lot of concentration for the MAGA cult.

If a woman refuses to glorify Trump in the GOP, they are cast out. Look what MAGA did to Liz Cheney.

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