Kayleigh McEnany Is Big Mad Over Hillary Clinton

It was an uncomfortable moment when Rachel Maddow had Hillary Clinton on as her guest this week. The day landed on the day of Trump’s last indictment, which unexpectedly occurred one day before most people thought it would happen. Trump hammered Clinton in 2016, saying that she couldn’t run if she were under investigation. So, here we are with the former President, who wanted Clinton locked up, possibly facing prison time.

Hillary and Maddow laughed for a minute, then Clinton said it was “a terrible moment for our country,” adding, “I don’t feel any satisfaction, just a profound sadness.”

On Fox News’s ‘Outnumbered,’ former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany took umbrage over Hillary Clinton’s laugh.

And there’s nothing illegal to your point about asking questions about an election,” one of the hosts said.

And that’s a false talking point from the right. Fake electors, the voting system breach in Coffee County, attempting to throw out votes, and orchestrating a coup is not legal.

Hillary Clinton’s name wasn’t even mentioned when McEnany said, “It’s so gross to see her laughing. Positively giddy. I watched CNN after the third indictment (It was the fourth indictment, lady). I flipped in on briefly.”

“Laughing, cackling about this,” she continued. “Is this good for America, guys, to indict a former president?”

“I remember Mark Levin saying his former boss, the attorney general on the documents case, would have picked up the phone if it would have been a Democrat president and said, get those documents back to me,” she said. “It’s bad for the country. It’s bad for parties.”

“We’re at a crucible point in our country where everyone’s at one another’s throats,” McEnany said. “We had to diffuse the tensions and watching Hillary Clinton laugh, CNN commentators laugh, this isn’t a laughing moment.”

“It’s a sad moment for our country and I think that’s something we should all agree on,” she added.

I wonder what Kayleigh thought about the Trump rallies where chants of “Lock her up!” would ring out. A portion of this country wanted to lock her up and throw away the key only because she was Trump’s rival. And now, we see that she’s not Crooked Hillary. Trump is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. It’s always projection. Laugh away, Hillary.

Lara Trump isn’t happy about Hillary either.

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