Kellyanne Conway Is Living Proof Why People Hate Christianity

Kellyanne Conway’s recent rant shows exactly why many Democrats roll their eyes when Republicans use so-called “religion” as a wedge between one American and another.

For decades, Republicans have used religious beliefs and religions (Muslims not required) as a cudgel against Democrats and their policies, even when Democratic politicians are more religious and spiritual than their Republican counterparts.

Trying to hype up the MAGA GOP, Conway ranted about the left refusing to say “thoughts and prayers” any longer.

They’re always offering their thoughts now. They won’t even say “thoughts and prayers” anymore. “I offer you my thoughts, Larry.” They won’t even say “prayers”…

That is true. Many socially conscious Democrats refuse to use “prayer” as an excuse to do nothing on out-of-control gun violence.

All Republicans ever offer up when their much loved NRA-approved AR15s are used to murder innocent children in schools, minorities in stores, and Jews in temples? Is a Hallmark card response.

But Conway dug deeper: “You walk into any Catholic church—we’re both Catholic, Larry—you walk into any Catholic church in any major suburb in our nation on a Saturday or Sunday, who’s in there?” “Multi-generations in the pews, Hispanics, and Asian Americans.”

“I’ve seen it firsthand,” she surmised. That’s her proof? She went to a mass, and it became clear to her.

“The Masses are in Tagalog, they’re in Korean, they’re in Spanish. That’s who’s propping up the churches,” she said. “The Whites are out jogging and having brunch. They’ve lost it. They’re openly hostile to the people.”

Is Kellyanne all of a sudden in favor of non-English speaking immigration? Because her Catholic Church certainly is, by her own admission.

Traitor Trump uses the evangelical community for personal profit and narcissistic elevation. He’s about as religious as a cactus in the desert. And if you are religious and refuse to glorify his image, he attacks you.

Just ask “Jews that support the Democratic Party.”

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