Ladies! Stop Whining And Travel Out Of State For An Abortion

Mark Levin doesn’t understand why women are so upset.

MARK LEVIN (HOST): The word is they’re going to have somebody in the gallery who had to leave the state to go to another state to get an abortion. You know what’s funny, mister producer? I had to leave my state to go see a cardiologist in another state. Are you aware of that? Oh, yeah. It’s true. I literally had to leave my state to go to another state. Yes, why aren’t I in the gallery? Why isn’t he calling on me? Good point, mister producer. Oh, well.

People have to leave a state a lot of time for all kinds of medical treatment and medical care. I don’t view it as a huge burden. You’re gonna have an abortion. Is it that much of a burden to go to another state? Or should the entire state accommodate the individual? I mean, come on. How hard is it really?

We’ve got abortionists in this country. They’re ubiquitous. They’re everywhere. I’m gonna prove it to you, ladies and gentlemen. Wait a minute. You had to leave the state for an abortion? Yeah. I did. People leave states for cancer doctors, for other kinds of specialists, for heart doctors. That’s a great thing about America. There’s 50 states and some territories, and you can actually get up and go to a place that you believe serves your interests, your needs. You can actually move there. You can actually, at least for now, get in an automobile that works with a combustion engine and drive there. Plus, we have hundreds of millions of dollars poured into Planned Parenthood and other such front organizations that are more than happy to take you to these places.

Is that an immense hurdle, mister producer? I just said, people go across state lines to go on vacation. They go across state lines to work. They go across state lines maybe to go to a restaurant. They go across state lines to get other kind of medical care. I just spoke about my own experience earlier this week. I actually had to leave Virginia and go to Maryland, place I never wanna go to. We have what’s called automobiles. We have trucks. We have trains. We have buses. We have airplanes. We have motorcycles. But you see, it’s an immense burden. It’s an immense barrier.

First of all, thanks for acknowledging that abortion is medical care, Mark. That puts you at odds with your entire political party.

Travel costs money. Working-class women don’t have paid time off to travel. For an abortion OR a cardiologist. Your privilege, via both wealth and gender, is showing.

It’s their bodily autonomy, asshole.

And then there’s Republican states (Idaho, Alabama, Texas, that have attempted to block their citizens from traveling for that specific medical care.

And Republican US Senators blocked a bill that would have protected those who wish to travel for that medical care.

So yes, it is an immense hurdle. It’s our bodies. And your party is going to continue to lose big over this huge mistake the Supreme Court made in Dobbs.

You can listen to Levin’s idiocy via Media Matters below.

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