Larry Kudlow Has To Choke On His Former Economic Negativity

Fox Business host and former Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow was forced to admit a major “mea culpa” for continually claiming the US economy under President Biden would collapse, but since has skyrocketed under the Democratic administration.

In the past, Kudlow propagandized his audience with statements like this:

Biden inherited a boom and turns it into a bust. The economy is headed for a significant slump, yada, yada, yada…

On Wednesday, the Biden Boom continued with strong job numbers that flustered Fox News. Host Sandra Smith tried to lighten the blow, but even her lame attempt failed.

“I mean, my, mea culpa!” I was wrong about the slowdown and the recessions,” Kudlow admitted. “So was the entire —“

“I don’t think you were wrong,” Smith said half heartedly.


Smith then let out a weird sigh…

The two then spent the next two minutes trying to find loopholes and ways to criticize Biden’s economy. It’s as if they hope for an economic crash and Americans to suffer so the traitorous and rapey ex-president would have a better shot at being reelected.

How do they stand to look in the mirror?

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