Late Night Music Club With The Civil Wars

I discovered the Civil Wars from a video posted on then-Twitter over a decade ago. Their harmonies and unmistakeable chemistry just ooze through their music. Sadly, the duo split in a fiery wall of flames — or maybe a cold, icy wall — back in 2013 after they canceled their 2012 European tour. Joy Williams and John Paul White went their separate ways and have gone on to make several solo albums.

As far as anyone knows, they haven’t spoken since they wrapped the recording of The Civil Wars LP in 2013. Their solo albums are just fine, but when they were together, they were greater than the sum of their parts.

This was one of the last videos they released from that album. Perhaps it speaks to the conflict they had on the road, or maybe there was too much chemistry and talent in one room. Who knows? They’re not talking.

Joy Williams hosts a podcast on Apple and John Paul White is touring in the US with his newest record, but The Civil Wars is still just…magnificent, if even for just the short time they were together.

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