Lauren Boebert Is Sick Of 'Bending Over To The Democrats'

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) lashed out at Republicans who are “bending over to the Democrats” by offering bipartisan legislation.

During a Thursday interview with right-wing host Steve Bannon, Boebert complained about a bipartisan effort to undo a limit on state and local tax deductions (SALT).

“So there’s all of these things that we can provide solutions to, but instead, we just come up with these crap bills,” Boebert griped. “Okay, put a bunch of stuff in there to get Democrat votes.”

Bannon accused Republicans of a bipartisanship “fetish.”

“Who gives a rip [about bipartisanship]?” Boebert asked.

“Bipartisan means we’ve cratered to them,” Bannon said. “Have you ever seen in your time there the Democrats come and work on things that the Republicans and MAGA think are right for the country?”

“No, we always go farther to the left,” Boebert replied. “We vote Democrat light. We water down our bills, put a bunch of crap and pork in it. And that’s how we get Democrat votes.”

“It’s Republicans putting this bipartisan title on it and bending over to the Democrats and so frustrating. It is not a good thing,” she added.

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