Lil Kim, TI, and More Bless Hip-Hop 50 at the Yankee Stadium

This year, hip-hop celebrates 50 years in the game. From the early days of DJ Kool Herc to the progression of female rap, hip-hop’s long history is filled with epic storytelling, political moments, iconic beef, and ––of course–– beats and bars.

Five decades is no small feat, and everybody has been joining in on the celebration. From Men’s Health covers to block parties hosted by Adidas, hip-hop’s 50th birthday is a global affair (as it should be), but what would a hip-hop celebration be without the pioneers and participants who make it what it is?

Last weekend, some of the biggest names in the genre headed to Yankee Stadium for a celebratory concert. The lineup included a long list of legends from Lil Kim and Lauryn Hill to Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg.
The jam-packed set list drew out a massive crowd and put on a phenomenal show.

See our gallery below for some Hip-Hop Live 50 moments captured by Day Hunch.

Lil Kim in Gucci and Jennifer Le

get 15
Photo: Day Hunch


get 7 4
Photo: Day Hunch

Remy Ma

get 8 4
Photo: Day Hunch

Snoop Dogg

get 10 1
Photo: Day Hunch

Lauryn Hill in Act N°1

get 12 1
Photo: Day Hunch

Ice Cube

get 13 1
Photo: Day Hunch


get 14 1
Photo: Day Hunch

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Ella

get 15 1
Photo: Day Hunch

Lil Wayne and Dj Kool Herc

get 16
Photo: Day Hunch

Rev Run and Russy Simmons

get 17
Photo: Day Hunch

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