MAGA Howls: NFL Rigged For Taylor Swift!

While these clowns raged that the NFL is “rigged” to boost Taylor Swift and presumably viewership, they claimed it was all a Deep State plot to help re-elect Joe Biden. They could not, however, explain the Detroit Lions’ epic collapse against the San Francisco 49ers, other than it’s what the Lions do. Fair enough.

Source: KeithDB/Daily Kos

Keeping up with MAGA insanity is beyond the capacity of any one human. One can only select some of the more zany things to show there is nothing so whackadoodle that these batfecalmaterial crazy lunatics won’t believe it. Everything that doesn’t go their way is rigged, from the election to the NFL.

Their evidence? Pfft, it is as plain and clear as the toes on a turtle. The Kansas City Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl. Why are they going to the Super Bowl? Well, it has nothing to do with solid quarterback play. It’s for no other reason than to boost woke singing superstar Taylor Swift. MAGAs hate Swift, Swift loves the Chiefs (or is at least dating one), so if the Chiefs win MAGAs lose and if MAGAs lose it must be rigged.

Yes, this theory is seriously all over the MAGA Twitter-verse (or X-verse if you prefer, but that sounds like a Marvel movie). Here are some actual examples of the whackadoodle doodling.

The Super Bowl will indeed be unwatchable for these race-to-the-bottom-feeders. That’s a crying shame.

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