Maine Republicans Censured After Blaming Lewiston Shootings On Abortion Access

If you’re normal, you can understand why people were upset when a Republican came to the House floor and said that it was God’s wrath after they expanded abortion access that caused the mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine.

Though they were made to apologize later for their remarks, Reps. Lemelin and Rudnicki had already made their point, however repulsive. America has a big Christofascist problem and unless it’s addressed in a meaningful way these people won’t stop until the United States is turned into a theocracy.

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AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine Speaker of the House Rachel Talbot-Ross Thursday ruled that Reps. Michael Lemelin and Shelley Rudnicki are out of order and in violation of the order of decorum of the House Chamber.

The House voted unanimously to censure both representatives on Thursday.

A censure order is a formal statement of disapproval in the form of a resolution that is adopted by majority vote.

This all comes after comments Wednesday night on the House floor during debate over LD 227, An Act Regarding Health Care in the State, which would provide gender-affirming health care to people from other states. During the debate, Lemelin insinuated that a law enacted last year in Maine, LD 1619, to expand abortion access, was the cause of several tragedies in Maine, including the Lewiston shooting.

“Keep in mind, the law came into effect on October 25. God heard you. And the horrible events on October 25 happened,” said Lemelin, a Republican from Chelsea.

Runicki later offered her support to Lemelin’s comments.

“I just wanted to stand and say that I agree with Representative Lemelin and everything he said. Thank you,” she said.

Democrats and even some Republicans reacted sharply to the highly offensive and ugly comments.

The comments, made at the end of a heated floor debate, drew swift condemnation by House Democrats and Lewiston Mayor Carl Sheline.

“That is absolutely out of order, not germane to the bill and absolutely offensive,” House Majority Leader Mo Terry, D-Gorham, protested.

“The statements made by Representatives Lemelin and Rudnicki are completely outside the standards for political behavior and discourse. Maine deserves better,” Sheline said Thursday.

Assistant House Majority Leader Kristen Cloutier, D-Lewiston, blasted the Republicans in a written statement late Wednesday night, calling Lemelin’s remarks and Rudnicki’s endorsement “reprehensible,” saying that they should be “universally condemned by anyone who has even an ounce of basic human decency.”

Rep. Rachel Henderson, R-Rumford called the remarks “reprehensible.”

“Although it’s not my place, I apologize to every member who is there and heard that and took offense,” Henderson said. “I’m proud of where I stand. I’m proud of the positions that I take, but tonight I am not proud to be a Republican. I am not proud to have an ‘R’ in front of my name.”

“Nowhere in the Bible do I see where the word of God is to be used as a weapon against people or where we are told to speak on behalf of God to express his wrath to the people. … Those statements are reprehensible and ones that I do not support and I do not get behind,” she said.

Rep. Michael Lemelin’s remarks.

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