Marge Is Calmly Shut Down By Professor Over Ukraine Lies

Professor Timothy Snyder, a Yale historian and an expert on Ukraine, calmly schooled controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor. Marge can’t seem to stop spewing Kremlin propaganda, but Snyder took a minute to straighten her out over her “Nazis in Ukraine” lie. Props to Snyder for being so polite about it! Marge makes me all stabby.

“So when you want to talk about misinformation, Mr. Snyder, you might actually look a little closer to American media if you don’t like what they’re saying,” Marge said to the Professor.

“First of all, I’d like to thank the representative from Georgia by making clear with her comments and with her person that any discussion of political warfare has to include Russia, Ukraine, and America,” Professor Snyder said. “She’s just demonstrated that point, I think, very powerfully.”

“On the question of Nazis, I’ve written two books as a historian about Nazis and the Holocaust,” he continued. “On the question of Ukrainian nationalism, I am the leading scholar of that subject in North America and have been writing about it for 20 years.”

“If the Chamber is interested in the degree of far-right participation in Ukrainian politics, you can be assured that no far-right party has ever crossed 3 percent in a Ukrainian election,” Snyder explained. “So, of course, there are bad people in every country, but by any comparative standard is a very small phenomenon.”

“In Russia, on the other hand, the army includes openly Nazi formations, such as Russia,” he continued. “The government itself is fascist in character, and it is carrying out a war which includes deportation of children by the tens of thousands, the open intention of destroying a state, as well as mass torture.”

“So if we’re looking for fascism, and if there is anyone who is sincerely concerned about halting fascism or racism, you would wish to halt Russia,” he added.

Anyone with half of a brain and access to Google knows this, but that’s not saying much for Marge and members of her brainless Chaos Crew. And, by the way, President Zelenskyy is Jewish.

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