McCarthy Can't Seem To Answer A Simple Question

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy clashed with CNN’s Manu Raju over a simple question about the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. McCarthy told Breitbart just two weeks ago that he had the votes (he did not have the votes).

McCarthy defended his position by pointing out former Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s decision to move forward with an impeachment inquiry of former President Donald Trump on September 24th.

“Nancy Pelosi changed the precedent of this House on September 24th,” McCarthy said. “It was withheld and good enough for every single Democrat here. It was good enough for the judge. Why does it have to be different today?”

He still didn’t answer the question. He said they had the votes two weeks ago. McCarthy insisted that he didn’t change his position.

“I’m curious why you changed your position,” Raju asked.

“I never changed my position,” McCarthy falsely said.

“You told Breitbart 12 days ago you’d have a vote,” Raju said.

I don’t know what he’s saying about Pelosi. She had the votes. And that’s a lot of words for: I didn’t have the votes.

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