McCarthy Keeps Whining That Dems Should Have Bailed Him Out

More pure projection and whining from now former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy once again tried blaming Democrats for the dysfunction his chaos caucus has caused by tossing him out, but unlike the push back he got from CNN’s Mana Raju, Fox’s Maria Bartiromo was more than willing to play along with this nonsense.

Bartiromo asked McCarthy about Iran’s recent threat against Israel if the ground offensive in Gaza goes forward, and asked him to “access the situation.”

McCarthy defended his decision to work with Democrats and avoid a government shutdown, and then told her we can’t have the “Gaetz doctrine” going forward before voicing his support for Jim Jordan and telling her he believes in the end Jordan will get the necessary votes to become speaker, and then once again attempted to place the blame for Republican disarray on Democrats:

BARTIROMO: Congressman, right now, does Jim Jordan have the votes?

MCCARTHY: As we walked away, he did not, but that’s why, you know, we have time. We walked away this weekend. I talked to Jim last night. He’s talking to every single member, assessing what their challenges are. But we’ve got to be able to work together.

The real challenge here is eight Republicans did something no one would thought, that they worked with every single Democrat to disrupt this nation, to remove me as speaker. So it has taught people now that, why don’t you just go work with Democrats and disrupt government.

This will go down in history as one of the biggest mistakes these eight have made in the process.

BARTIROMO: What about you? I mean, do you have support to get back in there? Are you telling me you can’t find eight Democrats who will agree with you?

MCCARTHY: Look the Democrats made a political decision thinking that that’s their place to be, but they’ve created as much chaos. Every single Democrat chose to create this chaos. I don’t believe in creating more chaos. I want to put the country first.

I’m going to help lead regardless of whatever title I have. I have the responsibility. And what I first see the most important thing here is what’s happening in israel. This is something that’s very personal to me.

If he wants Democrats to work with Republicans, he needs to stop lying to them, about them, stabbing them in the back, and blaming his own party’s problems on them. No mention of course that those phone calls are Jordan basically trying to bully his way to the speakership.

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