Meet Dianna Cohen: The Founder and CEO Behind Haircare Brand Crown Affair

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If you’re obsessed with all things haircare (and beauty for that matter), chances are you’ve come across Crown Affair. As the founder and CEO behind the beloved haircare brand, Dianna Cohen had a mission to provide ritual-based and mindful haircare. Launched in 2020, Crown Affair began with just four products: a towel, a brush, an oil, and a comb. The brand’s philosophy is based on encouraging individuals to invest time and care into their haircare routines, turning daily maintenance into a moment of self-care and reflection. Today, Crown Affair has expanded its product line to include Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner, Dry Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, and more, each designed with the same ethos of quality and mindfulness.

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Crown Affair’s growth trajectory has been impressive, with its products now available at renowned retailers like Goop and Sephora, in addition to its direct-to-consumer platform. But perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Crown Affair is its incredibly cool and fresh branding, which is fueled by Cohen’s knowledge of what it takes to build a modern brand. 

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