Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham Both Wore Winter's #1 Dress Trend

Aside from the fact that both Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham are married to men who I would acknowledge as British royalty, the two have never struck me as having very much in common. On second thought, I’m coming to conclude that their similarities might outweigh their differences. Both extraordinary women are former performers, have both spent many years in the public eye, and on analysis, they both seem to possess quite a similar sense of style.

The two favour a relaxed but polished approach to style, often opting for a comfortable jean for a casual event, or a smart suit set when dressing up. Fond of a refined look, both mange to experiment with seasonal, trending silhouettes without veering from their personal style, consistently creating chic ensembles that I’m always drawing inspiration from.

This winter, their similarities have been staring me in the face, as both women recently took to styling the draped dress trend that has been cropping up everywhere this season.

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