Meghan Markle Wore the Skinny Jeans I Now Seriously Regret Getting Rid Of

When I was 19, I worked in a small clothing boutique that sold a surprisingly impressive designer assortment for a college town such as mine. On the ready-to-wear side, its racks were lined with Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Lauren Manoogian, and Samuji. And for denim, we exclusively sold Frame Denim, the brand every LA and NYC fashion girl was wearing at the time. I adored every pair from the brand and too often spent my entire paycheck on jeans. 

One pair, in particular, that I bought and subsequently wore roughly three times a week every summer for years, was Frame’s Le Skinny de Jeanne style in white. When I graduated and moved to New York, I left a ton of clothing items behind, donating most of them and selling the rest. Those jeans were one of the pieces I parted ways with, an act I’m now very much regretting after spotting the exact same pair on none other than Meghan Markle. 

Markle was seen exiting an office in Montecito, California wearing arguably the chicest, most luxurious outfit I’ve ever seen, consisting of a camel-colored robe coat, a cream sweater, an Hermès shawl, Chanel slingbacks, and an oversize, all-white Goyard tote. But even with all of that draped on her, the fashion item that my eyes were immediately drawn to were her jeans, the same exact pair of white Frame skinnies that I owned in college. Envious, I immediately started searching the internet for a pair to replace the ones I got rid of five years ago. 

Below, check out Markle’s utterly elegant errands outfit and shop the closest pair of Frame jeans I could find to the now sold-out Le Skinny de Jeannes. 

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