Memory Lane: That Time Cleta Mitchell Got Utterly Humiliated

Among the list of those recommended for indictment by the Fulton County Grand Jury, but not indicted–at least as of yet–is the infamous Cleta Mitchell. If you don’t know who Cleta Mitchell is, let’s just say she is like a Forrest Gump of GOP evil, popping up anywhere cheating, corruption or treason rears its head in the party, from Tom DeLay to the NRA, CPAC to Trump’s attack on our elections.

But for now, let’s just enjoy her public humiliation at the hands of Cliff Schecter, Democratic consultant/ad writer for President Biden, fundraiser for Democratic candidates and causes, bestselling author and now with an awesome YouTube Channel.

So let’s take the time machine back to this MSNBC debate in 2006. Cleta, whose party was embroiled at the time in the Jack Abramoff scandals probably thought she’d get some wimpy Dem to debate on MSNBC. Instead, she got Cliff, and he didn’t get the note about Democrats being nice.

Cliff destroyed Cleta Mitchell on live tv in a way that has rarely been repeated. So as Cleta cuts her deal or waits to see if she’ll be indicted in Georgia, while working for the treasonous, corrupt scum known as MAGA, just watch this. You’ll be glad you did.

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