Michael Flynn Auctions Mike Lindell-Signed Pillow For Peter Navarro's Legal Fund

Disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn auctioned off a MyPillow cushion signed by Mike Lindell to benefit former Trump adviser Peter Navarro’s legal fund.

The auction occurred over the weekend at a “Reawaken America Tour” in Miami, where an audience was instructed to write their names on U.S. currency.

“So when Mike was here yesterday, we showed the pillow up here,” Flynn said. “But what he did was he signed it, dated it, and so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a fundraiser tithing drill here, and you have to write your name down on the bill, you drop it in that bag, and then once we’re done, we’re gonna pull it and you’re gonna get this, this is the Type 2-0, I should give a commercial for my, like Giza something, and it has, and it’s signed by Mike Lindell.”

“It’ll make, it’ll extend your life by at least two years, look at it, look it up,” he added.

The pillow was eventually awarded to a woman named Karen, who asked Navarro what job he would have in the next Trump administration.

“I want to prosecute Fauci,” Navarro replied.

Navarro is facing contempt of Congress charges after he ignored a congressional subpoena.

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