Moms For Liberty Is Protesting Children Learning EMPATHY

Empathy might sound good in theory, but it will turn our children into communists. Or something. Comedian Walter Masterson interviews one of the Moms for Liberty, a pseudo-grass roots organization funded by some hateful billionaire who wants the United States to conform to his own vision of a dystopian capitalist hellhole I suppose.

Source: Moms for Liberty

A new resource from Moms for Liberty helps parents who want to keep “antiracism” training and other politically charged social justice topics out of their children’s classrooms.

The new guide tells how schools use Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) to weave left-wing ideology into teaching, often in unrelated classes, such as math.

Critics say SEL peddles critical race theory (CRT) as a way to navigate emotions. CRT stems from Marxist teachings of critical theory and paints most of what goes on in society as dominated by a power struggle between the race of the oppressor and that of the oppressed.

It’s the theory that propels Black Lives Matter and demonizes the country’s Founding Fathers.

The 110,000-member parents’ group also is pushing participation in the Moms for Libraries program. That effort places in schools books that teach civics, history, and “American values” to “benefit present and future generations,” the group says.

And they have a helpful guide to finding and weeding out this pernicious problem of empathy in our schools, here.

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