More Indictments? Michigan Voting Machine Tampering Is Next

While everyone waits for pending federal indictments against Donald Trump in connection to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election, a group of related indictments have reportedly been issued in Michigan. One of the primary suspects in a case involving Republican officials who tampered with voting machines in multiple counties says that she has been indicted. This case could potentially involve some of the biggest names in the state Republican Party.

Detroit attorney Stefanie Lambert became infamous following the 2020 election as one of those pushing Trump’s lies about election fraud. As Reuters reported, Lambert “pushed conspiracy theories in court, joined efforts to break into voting machines seeking evidence of fraud and organized a nonprofit that has raised at least a half million dollars to finance election challenges”

Lambert appeared on the Conservative Daily podcast to tell the hosts that her attorneys have been informed of an indictment against her from the special prosecutor looking into the effort to break into voting machines. Lambert being prosecuted for her crimes would be a significant achievement. However, the case could also involve the Republican candidate for attorney general and a “constitutional sheriff.”

Republished with permission from Daily Kos.

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