Nancy Mace's Office Reports 100% Staff Turnover

Probably not a great sign when almost your entire staff walks out, and the one person you fired files papers to run against you in your South Carolina district.

Source: Daily Beast

As of Monday, according to three sources familiar with the matter, Mace’s entire D.C. staff has turned over since Nov. 1, 2023.

That’s nine staffers in the span of a few short months—with all but one of those employees leaving on their own accord.

The lone exception to those eight staffers who left Mace’s office on their own accord is now-former chief of staff Dan Hanlon, who was fired on Dec. 1. Hanlon has subsequently filed to run against Mace in her South Carolina district.

As for the rest of her former staff, they all quit. That includes her deputy chief of staff Richard Chalkey, her legislative director Randal Meyer, communications director Will Hampson, a financial adviser, a staff assistant, two legislative assistants, and her military legislative assistant. And from what the departed staffers told The Daily Beast, there was good reason to leave.

Former Mace employees described a “toxic” work environment.

The rest of the article is just a litany of abuse, including Mace’s infamous “8-minute rule.”

“The member was abusive,” one former senior staffer told The Daily Beast, specifically pointing to the frequency with which Mace would communicate with her staff, either over text, Signal, or—an unauthorized software system Mace uses in her office.

This former staffer said Mace uses the software to “micromanage the office all day and into the night and early morning.”

“It was constant,” this person said.

Another senior staffer recalled how Mace called them close to midnight on Christmas Eve and demanded to know why she wasn’t getting on TV more during the holiday week.

“If she needed us, we had to answer within eight minutes,” this staffer said, clarifying that the eight minute timeframe was actually a “rule.”

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