Nebraska Republican Inserts Colleague's Name While Reading A Rape Scene

“Nebraska State Sen. Steve Halloran (R-Hastings) is facing bipartisan calls to resign after he interjected a colleague’s name into a reading of a graphic rape scene multiple times.” (video source)

Absolutely vile and beyond the pale.

So far, no consequences at all for Halloran. And his “apology” is some sort of sick joke.

Source: MSNBC

A Nebraska lawmaker is facing calls to resign after he pulled a vulgar stunt on the floor of the state Legislature while trying to make a point against obscenity.

During a debate Monday on Legislature Bill 441, a bill aimed at keeping obscene material out of K-12 schools, Republican state Sen. Steve Halloran read a passage from Alice Sebold’s memoir, “Lucky,” that depicts a rape scene. For some reason, he also decided to drop his colleague’s name into his reading of the excerpt. “I want a blow job, Sen. Cavanaugh,” Halloran says at one point.

Sens. Machaela Cavanaugh and John Cavanaugh, who are siblings, both serve in the Nebraska Legislature. It was unclear who Halloran was referring to in his reading; earlier in his remarks, he had invoked both their names.

It’s pretty clear he was referring to Machaela Cavanaugh, who responded in tears, “I didn’t know you were capable of such cruelty. That was so unbecoming of you and unbecoming of this body. That was so inappropriate.”

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