Newsmax Guest's Hateful Moment: 'We Need To Be More Homophobic'

When conservatives say they are against wokeness, they are against being decent to their fellow Americans. Former President Donald Trump allowed his supporters to be the worst of society, and now that he’s out of office, they don’t want to let him go.

That said, if you look up Newsmax guest Shemeka Michelle on the Internet, it says she “is an author, speaker, and personal empowerment advocate.” But Karen seems unaware that calling for more homophobia isn’t empowering.

“Shemeka, about 30 seconds to each — for each of you right here,” host Eric Bolling said. “So, tell us — it’s not getting any better, though. The more — we are talking about it ad nauseam here. But the left just calls us, as Chris points out, we’re bigoted and homophobic.”

Michelle liked that idea.

“Yeah, I actually think, if that’s the case, we need to be more homophobic,” she said out loud. “We need to take it up a notch because these people have continued to do this because we failed to shame them.”

“We failed to put our feet down and stand tall and say what we believe without the fear of being canceled,” she said while wanting to cancel the LGBTQ community. “Now is not the time to worry about having friends. It is about linking up with people who have the same values as you and realizing this is a war between good and evil. And If we don’t stand tall, we’re going to lose.”

The Senate confirmed Admiral Levine on a 52 to 48 vote, so she is apparently where she is supposed to be job-wise. That’s who they were talking about. Bolling never mentioned the confirmation vote, though. As for Mitchell, she must really suck at her job. I can’t see how a bigot empowers people.

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