Newsmax Is Now Mad At (Checks Notes) The Cookie Monster

A talking head over at Newsmax is big mad over the spending from the Biden administration, but he didn’t have issues with Donald Trump spending like a drunken sailor before he left office in disgrace. At issue for host Rob Schmitt is the Biden administration using Sesame Street to call out greedy corporations who are making inflation worse.

He zeroed in on the Cookie Monster because he had nothing better to do. Oh, and he blamed Biden for global inflation, which is chilling instead of getting worse like in other countries. IKR? How dare Biden use every means to make life easier for regular Americans. Grrrrr!

This is what’s making them mad at Newsmax:

“After crippling businesses with mass inflation, the Biden campaign strategy to evade the consequences, the political consequences of their insane spending — well, blame those businesses for raising prices on the American people,” Schmitt said. “Biden launching a fully political joint task force between the Federal Trade Commission and the DOJ, claiming it’s going to go after unfair and illegal corporate pricing.”

“This is all just for optics,” he continued. “And, of course, the media is playing along with this narrative. Sesame Street, frequent purveyors of the new woke agenda on your kids, now has the Cookie Monster’s Twitter account spewing Joe Biden’s political talking points, complaining about expensive cookies, and blaming companies that make cookies rather than the DC spending machine that is adding a trillion to our national debt every 100 days. The media is getting the memo as well.”

Reminder: Trump added a whopping $8.4 trillion to the national debt, with tax cuts for the rich responsible for a big chunk of that.

“It’s so perverse to see how they’re — I mean, this is purely political,” he added. “They have ABC in bed with them. They’ve got Sesame Street in bed with them. All of this is just a tactic.”

Guest Steve Moore weighed in on the Cookie Monster outrage.

“Yeah, I hate to see the Cookie Monster being politicized like this,” Moore said. “I grew up with the Cookie Monster 35, 40 years ago. Listen, this is just another form of inflation.”

“By the way, shrinkflation is happening,” he admitted. “I mean, you get a new bag of Doritos, you know, the bag used to be this big, and now it’s this big. You used to get 28 chips; now you get 24 chips.”

Then he blamed Biden for corporations’ greed even though the President is going after them for taking advantage of us.

“You know, so that’s what you’re doing under Biden, and I don’t understand why he’s promoting this because it’s happened on his watch, Rob,” he said after possibly taking a hit of acid or ten. “And what companies are doing because their costs are so high, just like family costs are up, they have to — like, restaurants are giving you smaller portions, and that’s because Biden has spent so many trillions of dollars. He’s drained money out of the private economy.”

“And so, the real inflation rate, when you take into account that you’re getting less food, probably is closer to 30 percent for groceries now,” the big dummy added.

That’s quite a stretch! I know it must suck to have supported a man who is listed as the worst President in US history; then Sleepy Joe comes along to fix his predecessor’s mistakes.

This is hilarious:

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