No Doubt: These Iconic Gucci Bags Will Always Be the Height of Chic

It was way back in 1921 when the first Gucci boutique opened its doors and the birth of a legendary brand was born. But, it wasn’t until the 40s that the now iconic bamboo-handle bag arrived on the scene, starting what would be a revolution in La Dolce Vita style around the world. The Horsebit followed in the mid 50s, followed by the Jackie and the Attache. Fast-forward to the noughties and it was the Soho Disco that really made waves, appearing on the shoulders of every influencer, celebrity and fashion editor in all the fashion capitals of the world. Now, styles like the Marmont, Dionysus and Aphrodite are among the most popular, as well as reimaginings of the Jackie and Horsebit, which nod to the original iterations but have added, chic modern twists.

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