No Gatekeeping Here: Beauty Editors Spill Their All-Time Favorite Hand Creams

It’s no secret that hand creams could easily be one of the most frequently used beauty products. My favorite hand creams (many of which are named below) have claimed a permanent spot on my bedside table, tucked between my phone charger and the seasonal candle of my choice for quick, easy access at the beginning and end of my day. I even carry one particular hand cream, Chanel’s La Crème Main, in my bag every day, changing its location from my work bag to my going-out purse as needed. It took me a while, however, to land on that one as my go-to everyday product.

To identify what sets a good hand cream apart from the rest in an indisputably oversaturated market, I turned to my fellow WWW beauty editors for their expertise on the subject. There were three main commonalities among their favorite products, all of which weren’t the least bit surprising: lightweight, fast-absorbing formulas chock-full of skin-loving ingredients; affordable price points; and aesthetic packaging. Ready to find your perfect hand-cream match? Keep reading to discover 30 of our favorites.

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