'No!' Lindsey Graham Refuses To Condemn Trump's Anti-Ukraine Rhetoric

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) declined to condemn former President Donald Trump after he said that any aid to Ukraine should come with conditions.

In a Sunday interview on
Meet the Press, Graham confirmed he was supporting Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for Speaker of the House. Graham hoped Jordan would support an aid package for Ukraine.

“If you strip out Ukrainian aid, Russia will keep going,” Graham said.

Host Kristen Welker noted that Trump has not fully supported Ukraine aid.

“Do you hold former President Trump responsible for that?” Welker asked. “As you know, he’s the one saying that Ukraine aid should be conditional. He’s leading that charge.”

“I think it should be transparent,” Graham replied.

“Do you hold him responsible for that?” Welker pressed.

“No!” the senator exclaimed. “Every member of Congress will vote.”

“We spent less than 5 percent of our military budget,” he added. “They have destroyed 50 percent of the Russian combat capability of the Ukrainians. Keeping Ukraine in the fight deters war between China and Taiwan and will stop Putin. He must be defeated before we get a war in NATO.”

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