On 60 Minutes, Biden Calmly Gives Republicans A Spanking

Sometimes I wonder what my lifelong conservative Mom would think of her party in its current shape. And then I think, why would I want to do that to her? She was resting in her grave, and I’m all, ‘But Mom! But really, the Republican Party has been shit for a long time,’ but it wasn’t as obvious back in the day.

Like, if a Republican tells us today that money from the one percent will trickle down to us, we’d bitch slap him or her so hard right after we get off the floor from laughing. But they sold that line to their party back then, and the rubes ate it up. Then everything from Reagan to Trump seems to have contorted into one dysfunctional, hateful party full of selfish, power-hungry shitheads.

Biden spoke of the current Republican Party on 60 Minutes.

“Does the dysfunction that we’ve seen in Congress increase the danger in the world?” host Scott Pelley asked the President.

“Yes,” Biden said. “Look, this is not your father’s Republican Party. 30% of it is made up of these MAGA Republicans who are, maybe, democracy is something, they don’t look at it the same way you and I look at democracy.”

Indeed. These days, Republicans are fighting against Democracy, especially the pro-Putin wing of the party. It’s not just embarrassing; as Biden said, it’s dangerous. And Mom, you can go back to resting again. Sorry about that.

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