One of These Body Butters Is Sold Every 14 Seconds—It Just Got a Green Rebrand

On a muggy November morning in Saint Barthélemy, Josie Maran unveiled something she’s been keeping secret: an entire brand overhaul. It’s not like her eponymous brand Josie Maran actually needs a rebrand—the products have long been beloved. One body butter is sold every 14 seconds, after all. 

It all comes down to Maran herself. As the brand is now 16 years old, she thought it could use a modern refresh. Maran decided to consider what her brand means to her, how it’s grown and evolved, and where she wants it to go. “Why was I doing this?” Maran asked herself. “What are my values today? What is this all for? I answered that I really wanted to double down on my original mission, but I wanted to go so next-level on sustainability and really help move the dial in the beauty industry toward more sustainable ways.”

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