Our Editors Test Out the Latest Denim Looks Inspired by 3 Fashion Trends

Because apparel has always been a part of people’s identities, it’s rather difficult to discuss the culture of any time period without mentioning fashion. And while modern travel and the internet have allowed for a much broader range of style choices, fashion remains a tool of self-expression and identification today. 

Within the current U.S. fashion scene, a few trends inspired by various aspects of American culture have been on our editors’ radars recently, all of which have denim at the forefront. With the help of Levi’s® new collection (which includes lots of perfectly fitting denim and other wardrobe staples, by the way), three Who What Wear fashion editors each styled a spring look that represents the fashion trend that has caught their attention this year: normcore, coastal cowgirl, and modern romantic. Keep reading for a closer look at each one—and their expert styling tips, of course.

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The first trend is a favorite among Gen Zers, but millennials including Who What Wear’s editor in chief, Kat Collings, are paying attention. Normcore is arguably an anti-trend. As Collings puts it, “Normcore is inherently unfussy, with equal dashes of sporty and preppy influence and an overall focus on the casual heroes of everyday dressing. Think a baseball cap, the best-fitting pair of jeans, and a perfectly worn-in sweatshirt. Normcore is a trend that will never actually go out of style because it comprises the classic building blocks of any wardrobe.”

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