Profiles In Courage: Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos

For the past two years, there hasn’t been much love lost between the Mango Moron and Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos.

Trump kept leaning on Vos to help turn over the 2020 election and in firing the director of the elections commission, Meagan Wolfe, who MAGA had made the scapegoat for Trump’s loss. When Vos failed to do Trump’s bidding, Trump backed a MAGA candidate that challenged Vos in the 2022 primary and again as a write-in candidate in the general election of that same year. And Vos just survived a recall attempt by a group of MAGA/Big Lie acolytes.

It got to the point last May where Vos called Trump a loser and said that Trump was the only Republican who would lose to Biden.

But fast forward to now, when Trump is the presumptive nominee and Vos is singing a whole different tune:

But now, after Trump has prevailed in the GOP presidential primary, Vos is endorsing Trump and says he believes the former president can win Wisconsin again.

“It’s going to be a choice between two men. It’s not going to be a choice between what do I think the president should be? What do I think the president shouldn’t be?” Vos told reporters following an event in Madison hosted by

“It’s going to be, do you think the policies that Joe Biden has put in place over the course of the past four years are better for the country, or were times better under Donald Trump, when we actually had low inflation, low taxes, more control at the border?”

Not exactly a profile in courage there. It’s a really bad sign when Mike Pence shows more spinal fortitude.

One thing for sure, it will make the fall elections more interesting. Only the deepest establishment Republicans still support Vos now. His constant flip flopping isn’t going to help him either. I can’t think of a nicer guy for it to happen to.

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